Demetrius B. Short

CEO & Founder

Over a decade has passed, since he walked across the stage as the first in his immediate family to complete the process of obtaining a college degree. To this day, Transformation Life Center CEO, Demetrius Short reflects on how his real-world experience did not come without struggles and obstacles stemming from his matriculation in the early 90’s.


While pursuing his undergraduate degree from Fisk University, Demetrius witnessed first-hand the barriers that led to an increase in college student dropout rates. He didn’t have a scholarship or transportation, and occasionally found himself with little food -- sleeping between the dorm director’s office and the couch of a friend. Despite reaching one of the lowest points in his life, Demetrius refused to quit and become a dropout statistic. He secured internships and walked from campus to downtown Nashville in a business suit carrying a briefcase. 

Years later, Demetrius returned to campus to nostalgically walk the same route he no longer had to travel. While walking, he had a divine intervention with God. Reflecting with tears in his eyes, he asked God, “Why did I have to go through this pain and struggle?” God responded to him and said, “Every step you took was a step toward your success.” It was at that moment, he conceptualized a God-sized dream, hunger and responsibility to help students overcome their own barriers in life and reach success. With a vow to run a 3.1-mile 5K in a full suit and sneakers to commemorate his struggle, Steps of Success 5K was born along with a personal and professional development program named Pathway to Success Initiative (P2SI).


After serving a number of years as a Board Member, Fisk University Young Alumni Association President/CEO of Steps of Success 5K, and witnessing the triumph of his ideas, he has tapped into a broader concept of becoming a worldwide success expert. With his reimagined understanding, Demetrius is igniting both collegiate students and individuals to have a positive impact on their community.


This overview is not only an accurate depiction of Demetrius’ heart for the community but also, his quest to engage partners who are interested in investing into the success of students and individuals seeking positive outlets for change. This new entity is pursuing forward-thinking professionals, businesses and organizations, that will join a mission to IGNITE purpose, INSPIRE success and TRANSFORM lives.  If that is you, welcome to Transformation Life Center.